ArtsBridge will provide safe, affordable, high quality housing to very low-income seniors who are able to live independently.  Residents will have access to Tenant Service Coordinators (TSC) who will offer them information and referrals to a variety of services within the community and/or from government agencies, which may be available and for which they qualify.  A variety of information and referrals will be provided, such as rent subsidy programs, free transportation, health care programs, and adult daycare. Apartments are designed with the needs of seniors in mind and the building will have a state-of-the-art security system.  The building will be staffed by a live-in superintendent, a part-time porter, and a 24-hour safety officer. 

Youth Advancement Collaborative

While HCDC is a prolific supporter of housing in the Bronx, having developed 2,100 units in the past ten years, this project goes even farther on the path of neighborhood redevelopment by including a 25,000 square foot community facility within this new residential building. The community facility will house nonprofit organizations who embrace HCDC’s holistic approach to building communities and empowering residents. This unique model also offers an added benefit to senior residents by connecting them to a vibrant nonprofit community within the very building in which they live.  This will foster social interactions and volunteer opportunities just steps away from their homes.

What is artsbridge?


Senior Housing

As HCDC considers its long-term strategic vision of urban redevelopment, it recognizes the need to invest in and nurture each community’s most important resource – its residents, particularly its children. The community facility, located on the lowest three levels of the ArtsBridge building, will be home to a collection of nonprofits working in partnership to provide educational, cultural, and social programming not readily available in the community. Highbridge Voices, a nonprofit community based organization serving 120 children in the Highbridge Community through an afterschool music and academic program, will be a lead partner in the Youth Advancement Collaborative. HCDC envisions additional partners will include institutions of higher learning, cultural organizations, and healthcare providers. The Collaborative will provide an array of programming including a pre-kindergarten program, the Highbridge Voices afterschool program, and STEM/College Prep programs for high school students. While programming will have an educational focus, the goal is not to replace existing educational structures, rather, it is to provide services which are parallel and supplemental to students’ existing educational experiences.

In July of 2010 the Highbridge Community Development Corporation (HCDC), a nonprofit developer and manager of low and moderate income housing received approval to develop a new residence for low-income seniors through the Federal Housing and Urban Development (HUD) Section 202 Supportive Housing for the Elderly Program.